Rules & Regulations


  1. Number of playing teams: 10 teams
  2. Match format: 10 Overs
  3. Players Limit: 8 A-side (6 Male+2 Female) (8 players in playing, 2* extras, the Captain needs to submit the list before the league starts).
  4. Over per bowler limit: Two bowlers can bowl max 3 overs
  5. Throw and underarm bowling is not allowed.
  6. Boundaries:
    1. Fours: Beyond marked pillars
    2. Sixes: Same as fours (but should be a direct hit)
    3. Fly through shots will be counted as four or six based on 1st impact point
    4. Overthrows to the fence / nets can result in 2’s, 4’s and 6’s.
  7. Fielding:
    1. Wicketkeeper is mandatory
    2. Rebound catches are not allowed. For roof rebounds, the ball is in play and can’t be a catch.
  8. In case of a tie, super over will be played only in knockouts
  9. No super over will be played in league matches. Net run rate will be considered to decide the winner in case of a tie between teams in league rounds.
  10. Teams in each group compete against each other in league rounds once if there are 5 teams or fewer from the group.
  11. Retired players will only be allowed in the sequence they got retired and at time of last wickets.
  12. Powerplay:
    1. First 3 overs will be compulsory powerplay in each inning
    2. Only 1 Male & 1 Female could field beyond marked pillars in powerplay
    3. After powerplay 2 Male & 1 Female will be allowed beyond marked pillars.
  13. Female Player Rules:
    1. Both openers should be female in any of the innings
    2. Opener bowler should be female
    3. Each female player should bowl at least 1 over
    4. Compulsory bowling by a female player in powerplay
    5. Female players are allowed to be retired hurt but they need to bat atleast 6 balls before getting retired
    6. Female players are allowed to bowl throw bowling but not underarm.

Scoring/Out Rules:

  1. The team can run as many runs as possible whether the ball is hit with the bat or not and as long as it is within the box
  2. Byes, leg byes and overthrows are allowed if the ball does not travel outside the box or doesn’t get stuck in the box nets
  3. Dead Ball is declared if the ball goes outside/ stuck in the box nets.
  4. Catch, stumping, run out, hit wicket and bowled will all be considered out
  5. No LBW out, foot deflections may result in leg byes/byes.
  6. New wide ball rule will be applicable
  7. One run will be awarded to the batting team for wide & no ball, free hit will be awarded in case of no ball
  8. Strike change will not be considered in case of catch out.

General Rules:

  1. All players must report at the venue 30 minutes before the game starts
  2. If the full team (playing 8 atleast) doesn’t report 10 minutes prior to the official start time, the opposite team will be considered as winners. (Final decision will be taken by TiE Rajasthan only)
  3. Matches will be postponed in case of rain
  4. Umpire and organizers’ decisions will be final & irrevocable
  5. Matches will be played with green semi-hard tennis balls, players are requested to come in sportswear 
  6. Spiked shoes are not allowed inside the playing area
  7. All players are expected to be courteous to each other, the officials, organsiers and volunteers
  8. Arguments with the umpire and organizer will lead to player/team disqualification. This will be strictly followed.
  9. Teams are recommended to not forfeit any of the matches in the entire season.
  10. All league matches will be played on the provided day only.
  11. There may be any last-minute changes in the rules by organizers, which are not guaranteed to be informed to every individual player. (Team captains may / may not be informed)


  1. No alcoholic or toxic substances, harmful material, sharp objects, weapons are allowed at the TSPL venue.
  2. Profanity / consumption of alcohol / drunken team members are strictly not allowed at the venue.


  • The organiser’s decision will be final, irrevocable, non-challengeable and omni-acceptable before, throughout and after TSPL.

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