How does a day look like in my life?

– Munesh Jadoun | CEO, ZNet Technologies

The job of a CEO is difficult yet important. Though it is rewarding and fulfilling, it never comes easy. As a tech CEO, I have a team of 100+ employees; followed by dedicated customers and partners. My professional life revolves around working in the best interest of the stakeholders of my company. But I have a personal life as well – a beautiful family, a passion for cycling, and other activities that I perform daily to help me grow as an individual

The Real state of Real Estate in India

– Dr. Ravi Modani | Founder & MD, 121 Business Finance

Nature has given us a finite supply of land. Land has no replacement; unlike EV’s replacing the demand for fossil fuels, etc.. Although with increasing life expectancy, the incremental need for land might be largely covered by increasing the height of skyscrapers, but still we need space to live! So it seems that there is nothing to panic, is that the Real State of Real Estate in India?

Will the virtual world of tomorrow be better than the physical world ?

– By Rajneesh Bhandari | Founder, Cosmo Infrasolutions

COVID 19 has speeded the transformation from digital to virtual. This paradigm shift will impact every aspect of our lives. The Virtual world of  tomorrow, magnified by exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality(VR), and Augmented Reality(AR), will change the physical world in ways we are yet to comprehend.

The Burning Tower

– By Archana Surana | Founder & Director, ARCH College of Design & Business

It is the 30th of August, 2020. After a long day’s hard work doing household chores, I am exhausted, so I decide to relax for a while in our terrace garden. My father-in-law is expected back home after two weeks of hospitalization due to coronavirus COVID19. My mother-in law-is back home already, convalescing. My husband is still admitted.

– By Ashish Mangal | Director, Dynamic Cables P. Ltd

We have a lot of “Can we uninstall year 2020 since this version has a virus in it” memes flooding the social media, but in fact if we evaluate it seriously a lot of positives can be drawn out of this pandemic COVID 19, which has separated everyone. I personally feel it is
always wiser to search for good points instead of brooding over the negative side effects and loose hopes. It goes without saying that for every low, there’s a high and it’s also true that even this current scenario has a silver lining to it.